Battle of The Browsers – Part 2 – I Won !

Well, sort of πŸ™‚ I found out that a whole bunch of people have been having the same problem I was with Firefox & WordPress. Turns out that Google Gears all of a sudden has taken a disliking to WordPress. I disabled Gears and all is back to normal. I don’t have to resort to using IE anymore. πŸ™‚ Yeah !!!!!!!

There Be Dragons

Sally Golubosky of Kudzu’s Whimzy is one talented artist and sculptor.
I found her gallery on Flickr and spent more than an hour going through all the pictures. A must see in my book.


Lazy Louis

Lazy Louis





Amazing Goldfish Cane

I  had to resort to using IE (I miss my Firefox!!!!) to post this, because it really needed pictures.

Just found the tutorial for the cutest goldfish at the Parole de Pate blog.  The artist is just so talented and I so appreciate her sharing this tutorial with us πŸ™‚

Battle of the Browsers

A few days ago my Firefox browser all of a sudden decided it doesn’t like WordPress anymore. 😦 Every time I try to click on the Add Image option the browser just closes. The only update I did was the Save/Share button. It’s now disabled, but the problem persists. I am so frustrated!! I might have to resort to using Internet Explorer. YUCK!!!

So, until I figure out the issue you all won;t be seein gmany pictures, just links . Sorry. I know many people have thanked me for the pictures, becasue they enjoy them.

Backgroundless Canes !!

Just spotted over at Naama’s blog that Idit Zoota discovered a fabulous way to be able to reduce your canes and still have them without a background. She used Play Dough to outline the design before she packed the cane to make it round.
Check it out at Naama’s Blog

One Color Wonders

I was cruising around Flickr and found the greatest clay group called Polymer Clay Today which led me to this artist who only used one color of clay. The item that cought my eye was gorgeous. I wondered how many other cool things could I find where the artist only used one color of clay.

Selena Anne Wells has a album full of one color pieces. Be sure to check them all out.

Pippa – Pip’s Jewellery (Her Blog)

Randee M Ketzel

Jill Palumbo


Liva (Her Blog)

Laurel Steven (Her Blog)

Janice Abarbanel (Her Blog)

Jan Geisen (Her Website)

Enkhtsetseg Tserenbadam (Her Blog)

Sherri Kellberg

My Disappearing Act

Sorry I have been slacking on my posts. May is one of those months around here. First it was Mother’s Day. Nice start to the month. Then the 16th my new great Nephew Kydon James was born. πŸ™‚ You can imagine that having a new family member to spoil has kept me pretty busy. Things are really rolling now. Then there are 4 birthdays right in a row !!!! Starting with my BIL’s on the 20th, my mom’s on the 21st, my friend Deb on the 22nd and last but not least my nephew today, the 23rd (he’s the one with the new baby). Thank goodness that’s if for May. Look out for June, though. πŸ™‚ My B-day is the 10th and my other nephew’s is the 16th. At least none of the kids in the family graduate this year. [sigh of relief]

New Pantone Spring/Summer 2009 Colors

I got an email from Fire Mountain Gems and in that email there was a link to the new 2009 Spring and  Summer colors. I wanted to share the link with you all.

2009 Spring/Summer Colors

Friesen Screwed Up Heart Video

Christie Friesen in a Craftside – Look, Learn & Create video. Learn how to make a Screwed Up Heart.

Sarajane’s Mask Swap 2009

I have been participating in this swap since 2004 and each year it just gets better. πŸ™‚ Sarajane and her hubby put a lot of work into this swap. Can you imagine getting having about 50 people sending you packages. With each package having at least 10 items in it. More likely there were 20, 30 or 40 items in each package. I was in 2 groups, so I sent 20 masks total. As I understand it there were 100 spots, so if I figured correctly, with 10 masks per spot that makes 1000 masks to deal with. Yikes ! Bryan, Sarajane’s hubby, spent 3 hours at the post office mailing our boxes back to us. He deserves a huge thank you.

THANK YOU, BRYAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first mask, the butterfly, was make with a rubber stamp (clear stamp) I  made myself. I used mica powders and glitter added to Lisa Pavelka’s UV Gloss. The second mask came out as a pendant. I sculpted the face myself. Not bad for having no idea what I was doing. LOL I actually made several different versions of the face. Some had mica powders (sort of a faux raku effect), some had crackled gold leaf, some had cane slices. All had a cubic zirconia stone in the forehead πŸ™‚ I, unfortunately, forgot to take a picture of all the masks together 😦 So you will see here the two of mine I received back.

Everyone did such an awesome job on their masks !!!!!!!!! Take a look at the 2 groups I was in.
Top Row: Tonja, Ronnie, Mary Vanderwood, Jenn Dorion.
Middle: Diane Paone, Alicia Baker, Jainnie Cox, Elaine Robitaille.
Bottom Row: Sarajane Helm, Julie Leir-VanSickle

Top Row: Tonja, Michelle Zimmerman, Kimba Wilson, Ronnie.
Middle: Susan Mara, Alicia Baker, Ellen Rumsey, Patricia Edmonds.
Bottom Row: Sarajane Helm, Judy Dunn.

And not to play favorites – okay, I’m playing favorites LOL Not that I didn’t love all the masks I got. These 2 just really spoke to me πŸ™‚
Michelle Zimmerman
Patricia Edmonds

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