A Weekend Off

Just one post today. Sorry folks, but I have been busy packing up my clay and tools for a few days away from the house. Just me, my clay and a quiet weekend. See you Monday 🙂

Carol Simmons Intricate Cane

I stumbled upon Carol Simmons‘ cane work first when I saw the Bead Dreams winners for 2008. She entered a necklace from her Korean Embroidery Series and took first place in the Polymer Clay category.

Reverse Side

She also entered these earring also from the Korean Embroidery Series.

I found a couple feature stories about Carol over at Polymer Clay Daily and you have got to see these eggs made with metallic clay !!!!!

An earlier story showed this amazing cane (I love it !)

Plus a picture of all the colors she mixes for her intricate work.

Now mop the drool off your chin 😉

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