Variations Of The Mokume Gane Technique

I have been using a lot of “junk” clay to make mokume gane and I love the effect I get. A good friend recently sent me a large quantity of junk clay, cane ends and old damages canes so I decided to experiment a bit.

I took several of the old canes, worked them flat and then rolled them through the pasta machine so I had a smooth sheets to work with. (The following are the same steps I used for the scrap mokume gane tutorial) I then spritzed them with water and used a background rubber stamp to texture the sheets. I shaved off the raised areas with a sharp blade and set them aside for another project. (waste not want not) I swear it’s like Christmas morning every time I see what’s under the surface. 🙂 The colors and designs just appear magically. (I guess that’s why Jennifer Patterson called her Polymer Cafe article Hidden Magic) Here are some of the sheets I was able to product using old canes.

sheet 1sheet 2sheet 5sheet 6

You can get nearly the same effect using several colors and extruding the clay. I like the way it has even stripes of colors through the pattern.

Here are some beautiful examples by artists in which the extruded technique was used.



Christine Damms

Christine Damm's

If you do not own a clay extruder, I found a nice way for you to get a similar look. Ponsawan over at Silastone used a skinner blend jelly roll to simulate the extruded technique.



Here’s a picture tutorial by Ponsawan for the Skinner Blend Gane

Do You Have An Avatar?

I’d heard of avatars, but didn’t really know much about them. I had seen the little pictures next to people’s comments when I visited blogs. Oh, those are avatars. I spent some time on the internet trying to find a fun way to make myself an avatar. And boy did I find one 🙂

I stumbled onto a web site called Face Your Manga. It’s a free online avatar generator and it’s so easy to use. Just click on the hot pink “Create” button and give it a try.

Here’s mine tkaylenavatar It’s obviously doesn’t look exactly like me LOL but it shows that I wear glasses, like the color green, have brown curly hair and love the night (see the background with the moon and stars).

Now you need to take your avatar over to Gravatar and register for a free account and upload your picture. Now when you comment at your favorite blog, and they have Gravatar avatars enabled, your picture will be right there next to your name 🙂

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