I Need Chocolate – NOW!!!

I am craving chocolate so bad right now, but as I am typing this at 1am I doubt I’ll find a store open. LOL I found some yummy no calorie solutions to tide me over.

box of chocolates
Margaret Donnelly

Nice Lil’ Thingies


Doreen Seng blog

Melissa blog

Flickr Finds For April

I can spend all day wandering around Flickr. There is an abundance of talented polymer clay artists that use the site to store their pictures. I think each month I’ll have to show 6 random artists I find interesting. Hope you do too, because here are the first 6 🙂

The gallery is by stamp company Inklings and Imprints. The artworks is Kim Detmers



Barb Fajardo blog

Cheryl Harris

Julia Fediakina

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