Finally, A Spray Sealer That Works With Clay

Just got a glimpse of Valarie’s blog and she announced that she has been testing an aerosol sealer for the past year that does not react to polymer clay like others have in the past and it’s very durable. It’s called Preserve Your Memories II.

Preserve Your Memories II


Valarie says “I have been sitting on this product for almost a year. I was desperately looking for something to cover the metallic leafing pens. Everything caused the leaf to smear. Or to prevent the smearing the process of applying the products I tried was time-consuming and painstakingly, excruciatingly slooooow.”

She has tested the spray over Krylon pens and metal leafing over various polymer clays. Once cured, the metallic does not scratch off the clay.

Valarie also says “Things to keep in mind:
Use in a well-ventilated space…it does have an odor, it does dissipate quickly.
It takes 24-48 hours for the fixative to cure.
I tried both the pump spray and the aerosol spray. Both work fine. I found the aerosol easier to apply with less drops.

I am absolutely delighted with the product and the developer. He is available by phone and email. And more than receptive to adjusting his product to your needs! The product as sold gives a slightly higher sheen to your piece when applied to polymer. Requests for different finishes (matte, high sheen, gloss, etc) are possible.”

Val, thank you for sharing your find with us and for being our mad scientist. 🙂


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